Availability of the Eyot®


The Eyot® products are exclusively distributed for the Dutch market by Spruyt hillen under the ‘uw apotheker’ (‘your pharmacist’) consumer line.

You can order the Eyot® direct from us. In many cases, the Eyot® will also be available from your wholesaler.

If you would like to order the Eyot® direct, click on the link below to log into the Spruyt hillen web shop: Spruyt hillen webshop



Phone number: +31 30 281 44 11



As well as being the distributor, Spruyt hillen is also the manufacturer of the Eyot® products. This means we can produce and supply all Eyot® products under private label as required.




Colour, design, instructions for use and end user packaging can be tailored to your requirements and wishes. Exclusive product development for new products is also possible. We will be pleased to share ideas with you. Please contact:


Phone number: +31 30 281 44 11



Do you use eye medication and is administering the drops not as easy as you would like? Do you administer eye drops to another person? Do you recognize the following problems when administering eye drops?

  • Shaking hands

  • Afraid the bottle will touch the eye

  • Trouble squeezing the bottle

  • Neck issues, not always possible to tilt the head backwards into a horizontal position

  • Often nervous the first time eye drops are administered


If so, the Eyot® products are very likely to be of help to you. The Eyot® makes administering drops to your eyes much easier.

In some cases the Eyot® will be packaged with your eye medication, otherwise you can obtain the Eyot® from your local pharmacy. The Eyot® is suitable for 95% of all eye medication which is available and prescribed in the Netherlands.

For more information about the Eyot®, please contact your pharmacy.

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